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          “SRIC “ARMATOM”, LTD is a dynamically developing company specializing in in production of bellows and bellow assemblies used for production of stop valves, control and safety pipeline valves, bellows for expansion joints and expansion joints, as well as pipeline valves for thermal power stations.klap1 800
is the leading construction bureau in Ukraine in the area of pipeline valves engineering and manufactures the time proved quality products for the last fifty years..

3In 2009 manufacturing of multilayer bellows (for nuclear power plants, petrochemical industries, etc.) in accordance to Ukrainian and Russian standards and Technical Requirements, with the internal diameter from 16 to 100 mm and working external pressure up to 250 kg/ was launched. By 2011 “SRIC “ARMATOM”, LTD has developed the production of 200 dimension types of multilayer bellows.
4Bellows are manufactured from thin stainless steel (DIN 1.4541, DIN 1.4571) stock tubes welded on modern laser-beam welding machinery with solid-state laser source. All operations are performed on high-tech machining techniques «IPG Photonics Corporation», «Schroder Maschinenbau» и «Prinzing Maschinenbau» (Germany) which ensures high quality and reliability of products. “SRIC “ARMATOM”, LTD carries out wide range of metal processing of various difficulty types, thermal processing of components, hard surfacing and serial production of complete units for pipeline valves.

Nowadays, scientific and technical potential of “SRIC “ARMATOM”, LTD allows manufacturing of multilayer metal bellows in accordance to the European requirements, EJMA standards, standards applicable in Ukraine and Russia, type and by customer requirements.
Many Ukrainian companies that depend on import bellows have already confirmed interest in high quality products by reasonable prices.
“SRIC “ARMATOM”, LTD is using European company administration model, implementation of which ensures high output quality at minimal production cost and competitive prices.
By working hard, we want words “bellows”, “quality” and “Armatom” to be synonyms to the Customers.